Susan's books translated into Danish, Swedish, and Czech

Susan Marenco has written over 60 original books for Disney through Egmont Creative Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. Her published stories include 45-page Egmont book club books, Look & Listen books, junior novelizations, panel stories for Disney magazines and many other formats.

She has also adapted screenplays for Frozen, Meet the Robinsons and many other Disney movies into 45-page books (6 to 10 year olds). For Planes, Susan took the entire screenplay and turned it into a 10-panel magazine story (3 to 6 year olds).

Susan's Disney stories are written in her native English and then translated and published in 11 different European languages including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Dutch, Czech and Hungarian. 

Susan's original story, Snow White and the Little Brown Bear, has been included in the U.S release of Princess Bedtime Stories (Storybook Collection). Susan is responsible for the visuals for her book and magazine stories. She writes a detailed description of the illustrations for each page for the Egmont illustrators in Barcelona.

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How Susan creates stories according to editors’ needs

Meets editors’ specific needs with original stories based on a character or theme provided by the editors and fitting the relevant format.

Responsible for the visuals writing a detailed description of the illustrations for each page, for example, when to use long shots and close-ups, POVs with the most impact, and how to dramatize the emotional moment.

A deep knowledge of the Disney properties helps Susan come up with appropriate plots and dialog for her stories. In fact, she has compiled a database of quotes for each character so she can be reminded of the idiom and speech patterns of a particular character.