The Ice Playhouse

Synopsis for FROZEN

Status: Available

In the peaceful kingdom of Arendelle, lived two young princesses, Elsa and Anna. The two sisters adored each other. Elsa, the eldest, had magical powers. She could create ice and snow with a wave of her arm!

 One winter day, Elsa used her magic to create a playhouse made of ice. Anna and Elsa played in their ice playhouse all day long.  But they weren’t the only ones enjoying the playhouse.

When Elsa and Anna arrived at the playhouse, they would often find a bundle of flowers on the windowsill or a teacup overturned on the table.

Elsa and Anna stayed up late and watching the playhouse from the castle. Just as they were about to fall asleep at the windowsill, a candle lit up inside the playhouse and shadowy figures appeared. They heard the faint sound of music and laughter.  Who was playing inside their playhouse? Elsa and Anna had to solve this mystery. So one night, the sisters sneaked down the castle hallways and past the castle guards to their ice playhouse.

As they approached the playhouse, the music suddenly stopped. Inside the doorway, the playhouse was empty–except for some large moss-covered stones. Elsa and Anna were confused.

Until Elsa sat down on a stone and heard a loud “Ouch!” 

The stones weren’t stones at all. They were little men and women with heads of moss–forest trolls! Elsa and Anna held their breath in shock. One by one the trolls unfurled and the sight of the princesses frightened them and send them fleeing out of the playhouse–by window and by door–pattering up the mountain to their home.

Elsa and Anna had heard stories about the mountain trolls but they imagined they were just fairy tales. They hoped the mysterious creatures would return to their playhouse. But night after night, the trolls stayed away. Elsa and Anna took turns staying up watching the playhouse. The princesses were sleepy during their lessons with their royal tutors. They could hardly stay awake during dinner with the King and Queen. It seemed that their efforts was useless. The trolls were far too frightened to ever return to the ice playhouse.

Anna and Elsa gave up on the trolls and played in their playhouse as usual. They drank tea and ate cake together inside their ice playhouse. When the sun began to set, they hurried inside the castle gates for the night leaving the rest of the cake inside.

Now mountain trolls have mighty noses that can smell things from afar. They could smell rain hours before it was about to fall, they could smell a deer on the other side of the mountain or a jasmine flowers blooming in a meadow far away. And they could even smell cake left inside the Princess’ ice playhouse! And everyone knows that trolls love cake!

The next morning, when the princesses returned to the ice playhouse, their cake was gone. But the trolls who ate it left something in return. On the walls of the ice castle, they had etched beautiful portraits of the two princesses. Elsa and Anna were astonished at the sight of the lovely ice etchings of themselves. The mountain trolls never again appeared before them. But the princesses received many nice surprises inside their ice playhouse from the trolls. Elsa and Anna were happy to share their ice playhouse–and their cakes with the shy mountain trolls.

The Radiator Springs Grand Prix

Synopsis for Cars 2

Status: Commissioned by Egmont, Copenhagen

Pending Disney Approval

Francesco Bernoulli arrives for the Radiator Springs Grand Prix–another chance to beat Lightning McQueen! Lightning reminds everyone to be polite and well mannered to Francesco even though he is Lightning’s rival.

When Mater meets Francesco, he wants to show him a good time by taking him tractor tipping. Lightning thinks it is a dumb idea but Mater insists so the three of them head for the tractor fields for a quick tipping before the race.

Lightning feels proud of himself because he seems to be making friends with Francesco. And it seems that Francesco is finally warming up to Lightning too!

Unfortunately, Francesco doesn’t move fast enough and a tractor tips on his back tire, bending his axel, scraping his paint and puncturing his tire.

“Ooops” says Mater.

I will never be able to beat you now!” says Francesco sadly.

“Wait a minute,” says Lightning, “The race starts in five minutes and I am going to make sure you are repaired and ready at the starting line.”

“That’s impossible,” says Francesco.

Lightning jumps into action. He tells Mater to tow Francesco into town at high speed, while he radio’s everyone to make sure they are ready to help Francesco. The minute Mater brings Francesco into town:

·      Sarge is waiting to straighten his axel.

·      Luigi and Guido change Francesco’s tires in mere seconds.

·      Ramone covers Francesco’s scrapes in no time.  

·      Flo quickly hydrates Francesco with plenty of coolant.

·      And finally Fillmore fills him up with gas.

Francesco meets Lightning at the starting line and reeves his engine.  He tells Lightning what a fantastic team he has backing him and now he understands why Lightning wins so much.

“Are we friends?” asks Lightning.

“You bet!” says Francesco, “But I am still going to beat you like-a-crazy my friend.”