In addition to the many books Susan has also written for Disney Magazine, Winnie the Pooh Magazine, Disney Princess Magazine and special edition Disney Magazines dedicated to a single movie release. She has written bedtime stories, Read-Alouds, 8-page panel stories, Rebus stories and poems for a the one-page Pooh's Corner. Here are examples of some of her work.

Kristoff's Story  was published in Disney Magazine Europe in January 2014 and appeals to boys by telling the story of Frozen from Kristoff's point of view. The movie's most dangerous and exciting elements are emphasized in this five page story.

Susan also wrote the retelling of the classic Frozen story for a 8-page panel story for Disney's Frozen Magazine (Europe).

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The Scare Games is a three-page panel story for Monsters University about Mike and Sulley's rivalry at the beginning of the story. They don't start out as friends but when they join efforts to win the scare games and secure a place back in MU, they become an awesome team.

In addition to Scare Games, Susan has written six other Monsters University stories for Disney Magazine.

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In Hometown Heroes, a CARS 2 story for Disney Magazine, Guido and Luigi return to their hometown triumphant during the World Grand Prix. Everyone in Corsa Porto is thrilled to see the famous racer, Lightning McQueen, drive into the piazza with Guido and Luigi.  Lightning’s the big star in their hometown...until they watch Guido and Luigi change Lightning's tires!  The fastest pit crew in the World Grand Prix came from their own little Porto Corsa!

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For Planes, Susan wrote five magazine stories adapted from excerpts of the screenplay: Ripslinger the Green Tomato, A Dream Come True, Skipper the Flight Instructor, El Chubacabra.  Each story focuses on a different character from Planes. She also wrote the classic Planes Story, a three-page condensed version of the screenplay with an activity at the end of the story.

In 2012, Susan wrote the Pooh's Corner page for Disney's Winnie the Pooh Magazine (European version). For Pooh's Corner, Susan comes up with a concept, writes a four-line poem and creates an activity for the reader.  Susan also provides the picture description for the Egmont illustrators in Barcelona.