Editors at Egmont provide Susan with a Disney character and sometimes a theme like Christmas or animals and she submits plot ideas. Once the plot idea is approved, she writes the story to fit the relevant format. In other instances, Susan creates new Disney characters as she did for the book Madame Mim and the Great Witch Convention, a 45-page Egmont Book club book.

Madame Mim is an original character that Susan created for the Disney's European market. Her editors commissioned her to come up with a Halloween story for young readers unfamiliar with the American tradition of Halloween and Madame Mim and the Great Witch Convention is the result.

On Halloween night while all the other witches are out frightening trick-or-treaters, Madame Mim is crashing into lampposts on her broomstick and bungling spells.  Mim couldn't scare the children but she could make them laugh. But her friends warned her that she'd better be scary at midnight when the witches gathered for the Great Witch Convention. The Grand Witch is presiding and she is truly terrifying! was published

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Dumbo's New Act is a story about trying new things! Dumbo is tired of his flying act so he looks around for a new act; he gives sword swallowing a try, prances around the circus ring like the horses and jumps through a ring like that lions. But the new acts don't really work for Dumbo. When he tries to ride a unicycle like that bears, he crashes into the snack bar! But this disaster leads Dumbo to a great new act!

Merida and the Wild Horses tells the story of a great storm brewing outside the castle–just as King Fergus and the lords have gathered in the Great Hall for a important business. When thunder strikes, Merida's horse, Angus, is frightened. His fear spreads to the other horses and soon they try to ram through the stable doors.

Lord MacIntosh warns her that nervous horses are "too dangerous for a Lassie."  But Merida races out to calm the wild horses. Queen Elinor disapproves of princesses who wrangle horses in the mud and rain, yet she can't help but be proud of her brave daughter's clever ways.


For Li'l Wolf's Christmas, Susan got the chance to write for the classic Disney villain, the Big Bad Wolf. In this story, Li'l wolf, tries to throw a surprise Christmas party for his father. He invites his good friends the three little pigs to help him bake Christmas cookies and decorate the house.

But the Big Bad Wolf knows pork when he smells it and tries to make a Christmas dinner out of his sons friends. The three little pigs outsmart the Big Bad Wolf every move. Luckily, Li'l wolf remains blissfully unaware that his father has got bacon on the brain!

Smiley the Bear is an original character Susan created for the Bambi story, Bambi and Smiley. Smile frightens Bambi’s friends when they try to eat berries from the bear’s favorite berry patch. But when Bambi tells the bear to pick on someone his own size tears drip from Smiley’s eyes. Underneath his gruff surface, Smiley the bear is just a sweet and gentle giant!

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In this Egmont book club book Simba the fortuneteller, Simba imitates an old fortune telling Baboon he once met and tells Pumba’s fortune. Unfortunately for Pumba, he assumes everything he comes across portends danger and disaster that day. But his true fortune turns out to be truly magical.


It's time for the Hundred Acre Woods Talent Show!  Pooh and his friends decide to put on a talent show for their good friend, Christopher Robin. Owl will recite a poem, Pooh will play the drums and Tiger has planned a  magic act with Roo as his assistant. But Piglet isn't sure what his talent is...so his friends help him find out!

Susan adapted the screenplay of Meet the Robinsons is a 45-page book club book based on the 2007 movie of the same name. When Susan writes original stories, she describes the artwork but for adaptations, the story is construction around the art pool provided by Disney. This can often be challenging because the artwork is limited and all major elements of the movie must be included---and the heart of the story has to be central.

Snow White and the Little Brown Bear has appeared in the Disney Princess Bedtime Stories Collection in the United States though Susan originally wrote the story for Egmont's Book Club in Europe. When Snow White is out picking berries, she hears a plaintive cry and discovers a little brown bear stuck inside a log. She gets her animal friends to help her get the bear out. The bear is very grateful–even though he eats every berry in Snow White's basket! 

Hiawatha and the Great Eagle tells the story of a little boy who wants, above all else, to be strong and brave. So he does the near impossible! He climbs the dangerous cliff to the great eagle's nest so he can pluck a feather from the mighty bird. But instead, the great eagle mistakes little Hiawatha for one of her own and feeds him worms with the rest of her brood.

The 101 Dalmatians don't know it yet but they are get themselves into big trouble when they show up for The Big Puppy Race.  The new butcher shop is sponsoring the race and the prize is link sausage a mile long. But the new butchers in town are really Horace and Jasper and as usual, they are trying to catch the puppies again. 


Cinderella's little friends have watched so many balls at the castle that they decide its time to throw one of their own in the Mice's Ball. The mice spend hours decorating a box to look like an elegant ballroom but Lucifer the cat destroys it. The mice are disheartened until one night, a little fairy restores their hard work. Or maybe it wasn't a fairy at all...