Merida and the Wild Horses tells the story of a great storm brewing outside the castle–just as King Fergus and the lords have gathered in the Great Hall for a important business. When thunder strikes, Merida's horse, Angus, is frightened. His fear spreads to the other horses and soon they try to ram through the stable doors.

Lord MacIntosh warns her that nervous horses are "too dangerous for a Lassie." Merida races out to the stables anyway; calming the horses and saving the day.

Queen Elinor disapproves of princesses who wrangle horses in the mud and rain, yet she can't help but be proud of her brave daughter's clever ways.

Madame Mim is an original character Susan created for the European market. Her editors commissioned her to come up with a Halloween story for young readers unfamiliar with the American tradition of Halloween and  and Madame Mim and the Great Witch Convention was the result.

On Halloween night while all the other witches were out frightening trick-or-treaters, Madame Mim was crashing into lampposts on her broomstick and bungling spells. Mim couldn't scare the children but she could make them laugh like when she accidentally turned herself into a jolly pink elephant. But her friends warned her that she'd better be scary at midnight when all the witches gather to meet the terrifying Grand Witch at the Great Witch Convention.

Kristoff's Story  was published in Disney Magazine Europe and told the story of Frozen from Kristoff's point of view to appeal to boys. The movie's most important elements are condensed into this 5 page story.